March 2017

G'day Corvetters,
Well the months come and go ... here we are March already!

Nelson Bay ... what a blast that was! Once again well organised, great food, company and a host of things to do. This club has, it would seem, an abundance of members who can't help but lose their way, or is it that the route was just not long enough? Thank God that we were not captaining the boat to "Tea Gardens"!

Thanks once again to all those who helped organise the adventure.

Things are moving along nicely with the Nationals, read more in Gary Nelson's update. Look forward to seeing many of you there. We are asking for your assistance in the daily running of the Nationals so if you would like to help please let me know which day (all days would be great).

Dyno Day is on again at SR Performance on Saturday the11th March.

On Sunday the 19th it's the Northern run to the "Sunken Monkey Hotel"!!! Don't know where that is then come along and join in the fun always good fun up north.

Corvette Trivia:
In 1969, the ignition lock was moved from the dash to the steering column. It would remain there until 1997 when it was returned to the dash.

In 1970, big block engines increased from 427 to 454 cubic inches and the powerful 370 HP LT1 small block engine made its debut.

Jeff Wilson Club President
NSW Corvettes Unlimited Car Club Inc

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