February 2017

G'Day Corvetters,

Happy New Year, hope the new year welcomed you in suitable style?

What a great day we had for our Christmas Party. We had 92 attendees, who were all well fed by the pizza man (what a perfect idea that was), a good variety of pizzas were supplied, even ones for special diets. The club photos were done, and look wonderful, again thanks to all involved in organising cars and fl ying and operating the drone. The day was enjoyed by all - lots of fun and laughter.

As far as I know, we have no new entrants on the sick list - that's a good start to the year.

Now onto a new/old topic, four of your committee attended a meeting of ACMC (Australian Council of Motor Clubs) to find out about the new club rego, CVS. Let me start with the old system, HVRS (Historic Vehicle Registration System) points to note.

1. Logbooks not filled out, then vehicle is NOT REGISTERED
2. Registered owner is not the vehicles driver, but driver still has to carry out point 1.
3. It is up to our club to approve other clubs runs, or you can attend as one of your 60 days.
4. New South Wales Corvette Club must be your PRIMARY CLUB.

C.V.S. Points to note:
1. Mods allowed are as per VSIO6 (owner to check to see if his vehicle complies)
2. If the car cannot be registered, then it cannot go on CVS
3. If the car has been cut and welded, i.e. new mounting for gearbox or suspension, then it requires an engineer's certificate.
4. MUST have a Blue slip for first year of CVS rego, even if it has current rego. Pink Slips are required of all renewals after the first year.

For all CLUB REGO, The responsibility of compliance remains with YOU, not the club. There are loss of points as well as fines if you are pulled over by police or RMS and they find that you do not comply, and please do not forget that Police Plate Reader Computers DO READ ALL PLATES.

Yesterday (I am writing this on 23/1/2017) was the Castle Hill Show and Shine. Well represented by our members 45 cars (only 42 in club photo) and congratulations to all who won trophies and went to the effort to attend. I could not attend as I has other commitments. If you are attending, these events and you would like to take our club flags to show off our club, then please contact me and arrange to come to my place to pick them up, and return them after their use.

This is the Year of our Nationals in Easter, if you did not book your entrance to the Nationals by 1/1/2017 then you missed the Early Bird Draw. Just because you missed the draw doesn't mean that you're not coming, so get on with it and book.

So let's get on with this year ... may you be happy, healthy and safe.

I hope to see you all at some time this year whether it be at a meeting, event or the Nationals. If you would like to put your name down to help at the Nationals then please just let me know.

Trivia: The 1963 Grand Sports, while originally looking much like the production coupes, had no body parts in common. The fibreglass body panels were roughly half the thickness of production panels to save weight.


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