October 2017

G'day Corvetters,

Well the end of another year for the club and as you know, the committee has to stand down and a new one will be installed.

Firstly: To the 'Old', that is 'Current' Committee - THANK YOU!! For all your work and dedication to the club and of course, let's not forget that this was our year to run the Nationals and it was because of your hard work that the Nationals ran so smoothly. It is all the little things that go on 'back stage', that people don't see that make things seem to run effortlessly.

To Doug, Tracy, Brian, Bob, Ray, Charlie, Cathy, Gary and Peter - THANK YOU ALL.

To Brian, Thank you for your contribution to the club and we hope you stay in touch and have a
better year.

To Gary, all your work as past President and Nationals Co-ordinator was greatly appreciated by
me and the majority of members.

To Tracy, your commitment and dedication to this club cannot be denied - although we did not see eye-to-eye on everything, I always knew that the club would benefit from the eventual outcome. Also thanks to you, my computer skills are getting better, (well, almost!).

To all the members who have pitched-in and helped the club this year - Tech Advisors Steve x 2 (SR Performance), Geoff Eaton; Stock Controller - Vicki; Club Registrar - Jorge; Librarians - John/Bob; our various ladies who sell the raffle tickets every meeting. To Joe, Brian and their worker Sue - our BBQ specialists - well done.  Thanks is not enough to say to CAM - our computer guru.  Cam, I thank you for all the work you do with the forum and intranet thinggie, thanks mate!

Now, as past president on behalf of your club - A BIG THANK YOU to you all. You have all contributed to the successful running of your club for another year. To those members who had a problem with the club or its committee, it is a great club, come back and get on the committee or get involved and have some input into your club - don't just sit back and say 'it can't change'. It can and you can be involved in changing it. So what's stopping you?

To all the members - thank you for your continued support. I know that not all of you were happy with some things that happened in the club this year, but please try to remember that it is a club, and it is run by club members, not professionals. Sure some mistakes are made and personalities will clash, but coming out the other side, the end decision I believe must always benefit the club.  Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way and noses get bent out of shape. I hope that people will come together, to get in their 'Vettes and enjoy this club and the friendships that go with it.

Two good outings this month - Peppercorn Cafe and Berowra Waters. Both were good weather and food, as was the company. Show and Shine is coming up and I hope you are registered.


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