May 2017

G'day Corvetters,

Well the Corvette Nationals are over for another year, so start thinking about travelling to W.A!

Our Nationals was the best Nationals that I have been to, that's not to say that all the others have not been great. It's just that being on the committee for this one I know how much your committee put into it and to be able to watch this Nationals unfold into the success that it was, was most gratifying to say the least.

If you attended, THANK YOU for adding to the success. If you did not, then please ask someone who did attend and get their story of events.

To the Nationals Committee on behalf of your Club, THANK YOU for all your hard work. Every fi ne details was worked otu to perfection and because of you and your effort, the Nationals was a huge success. Thank you also to the volunteers who did not come to the Nationals but turned up to support their club and help make this a success.

The Show and Shine was a great day, plenty of sunshine and a good display of Corvettes. The Fire Museum was an awesome place to hold a Show and Shine and the management there was easy to work with (nothing was a problem).

We have some great photos, thanks to Chris Jurgeit. After the Show and Shine we went back to the Novotel to get dressed for the Harbour Cruise. Perfect night to cruise the harbour, food on board was great and of course our Harbour did herself proud, showing off all her beauty and topping that off with fireworks.

Next day it was off to either Eastern Creek or Tobruk Sheep Station. From all accounts, both were extremely successful. At last the Nationals was coming to an end, so bring on the Gala Night. The room in the RSL looked amazing. We had a yummie meal during which we did all the presentations. Next we held some auctions of which the main item was a specially made Corvette Nationals Quilt (this was a one-off quilt) and raised $1,500. Once again a BIG THANKS to all involved.

GM Day was last week at the Fire Museum and a good sunny day was ordered and received. A good roll-up of approx. 175 cars and a good time was had by all who attended.

The run to Robertson Pie Shop was held on 2nd April and we had another sunny day and consumed our fair share of pies, talked and cruised home.

1) 7th May - Ray's Run to Razorback to see a personal car collection of 70 performance and historic vehicles.

2) 21st May - Coastal Northern Run to The Sunken Monkey Hotel. This run was postponed in March due to the weather

3) 4th June - Breakfast at Bulli.

Corvette Trivia this month:
What was special about the '73 Corvette?
The obvious thing was the 'rubber duckie' in the front. That was the first year for the rubber bumper and the only year with a rubber front bumper and a conventional one at the rear.



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