As in the past our Christmas party was at Jeff and Rhonda Wilson's place at the Oaks. It was a great day with about 30 Corvettes turning up, one Mustang and various other vehicles. The food was very good and it was terrific seeing all the members attending - we all had a great day.

At the Christmas Party I presented a number of awards based on certain things that happened to members during the year and also based on their likes or, dislikes. (See the magazine for the awards I presented.)

After a great day and on the way home after just leaving Jeff and Rhonda's place, my Corvette broke down - I lost all power. I contacted NRMA Road Assist and whilst waiting for them about 4:30pm Geoff and Sue Eaton stopped. Meanwhile the NRMA turned up and Geoff explained to the NRMA Service guy what he thought was the problem. The car could not be fixed there and we needed towing so Geoff and Sue went home whilst we waited for the tow truck.

Whilst waiting for the tow, Cameron stopped as well. Finally the tow truck arrived about 6:30pm and it was about 7:00pm before we were on our way. He came from the NRMA depot at Padstow. When we got back he took the Corvette to the Depot for safe-keeping as with no power I could not even close the windows and certainly could not get the Corvette into my garage. The NRMA repaired the power problem and I got the car back the next day. I am so pleased to have my cars in NRMA Road Assist.

See you on a run soon. Mario Psaila

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